How To Hold On To Loved Ones In The Form Of Jewelry

When someone rather close to you dies you feel devastated and rather upset since not only have they gone but they have also taken a part of your heart with them and left. This empty void in your heart solely leads to the reason of unconditional grief. But what if you had a chance of remembering them for all the great things they have done and the great person they have become in your life, what if you could hold on to those memories while you also try to move on? Here’s how you could do so;


With the help of a professional consultant you could choose the ashes diamond in algordanza which you wish to create and convert it in to a form of jewelry. You could go personally and visit them or you could opt to getting them down to visit you personally or even if you live abroad or far away from the company’s location you could communicate with them via Skype or Face Time. Whichever way you choose make sure you get the right information you need to make your choice and also that you make the right choice as well.


These jewelry are made using the ashes of your loved ones which undergo a huge process in order to convert them in to the real beauties that they are. Once the cremation ashes into diamond is made you could choose the setting in which you wish to hold it in, it could be an earring, ring or even a pendant if you want to hold on to it rather close and wear it all the time. For those that however would not like to hold on to it in a similar way they could even choose to have it designed in the form of key chains, urn bracelets or even custom made unique designs.

Sending the necessary

Once you have got your chosen setting and the diamond type you desire, send in the required amounts of ashes or hair of your loved ones. This however is not only restricted to human remains but even your pets as well. This way you could hold onto fluffy your pet dog since third grade for a long time.

Lab does the work

When you choose the right professional for your job, you certainly don’t have to worry about how the process shall work out. It shall undergo the tedious laboratory process of high heat and conversion over a couple of months changing it into its glimmering form.

Final outcome

Once it is all done and the entire process is complete, all you got to do is receive this amazing piece of jewelry and reminisce the time you spent with your loved ones while also trying to move on.
Choose the right people for the job and expect nothing less!